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Monday, 28 February 2011

You Can Pick And Mix Jelly Belly At We Luv Sweets

The feeling you get when munching on Jelly Belly beans is heavenly as they are chewy and are available in many flavours and colours. They are perfect for any occasion and are as sweet as they are decorative. They are some of the most sought after sweets on the planet.

You can pick and mix Jelly Belly at We Luv Sweets as you can buy them in quantities as low as 25g per flavour. Each flavour is sent out in its own Jelly Belly bag but after they have been delivered to you there is nothing to stop you mixing them altogether in true pick and mix style.

Offering Jelly Belly in portions of 25g is a service that most online sweet shops do not provide, and another reason why you want to shop for your goodies online at We Luv Sweets. This is one of the best ways of enjoying and sampling all the many different flavours and colours of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

You can try many flavours because you can pick and mix Jelly Belly at We Luv Sweets as you only have to buy 25g of each flavour. You can of course also buy in quantities of 100g, 250g or even a kilo! All in all, We Luv Sweets allows you to sample different flavours of Jelly Belly and munch to your heart’s content.

It is always nice to have a wide variety if the sweets are going to be shared with other people. You can pick and mix Jelly Belly at We Luv Sweets and of course have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Buy Jelly Belly Sweets At We Luv Sweets

These are some of the most loved sweets on the planet and the brand is synonymous with a lot of things to many people. You can buy Jelly Belly sweets online from We Luv Sweets and feast your eyes on the variety on offer before deciding.

We Luv Sweets has one of the most extensive collection of Jelly Belly jelly beans and since this is a retro sweet that brings a lot of memories for many people, you will be doing yourself a favour when you buy Jelly Belly sweets online from We Luv Sweets.

This brand of sweets has a lot of history but what really matters most is the taste of these sweets and the versatility of the collection at the We Luv Sweets online candy shop.

For those who would rather not let everyone know that they love sweets, this is the kind of sweet that will allow you can enjoy. Buy Jelly Belly Sweets Online from We Luv Sweets at a price that is reasonable and indulge yourself in the large variety of sweets you have to choose from.

Jelly Belly sweets are soft and chewy and come in many varieties including kiwi, lemon, coconut, orange, pina colada, liquorice, lime, red apple, cinnamon and even chocolate pudding. If you cannot decide the flavour you want, why not just order the Jelly Belly 50 Flavour Mix and have a taste of everything!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How Many Types Of Pick and Mix Are There?

How many types of pick and mix are there? Before we answer this question, let’s first understand what is meant by pick and mix. These are sweets that are varied in colors, shades and flavours and the sellers give the buyers a chance to pick and mix their own choices and volumes into their own individual packages. They are great for all occasions and can be enjoyed by any person of any age. The freedom to choose one’s own package of sweets has made pick and mix a popular alternative to ready packaged products. Ideally, all types of small sweets are suitable for pick and mix since they can easily be mixed.

So, how many types of pick and mix are there? There is no way of determining the exact number of pick and mix as the definition varies from shop to shop. There is no sweet that is has to be in the pick and mix section, everything depends on what the decision made by the seller. Overall, the kinds of sweets that are classified among pick and mix include jelly sweets, chocolate, liquorice,  fudge, marshmallow, gobstoppers and bubblegum.

The answer to how many types of pick and mix are there is therefore unanswerable. You can pick and mix the any number of sweets and the choice available will simply differ from shop to shop. If you want quantity, you may have to forget about big sweets as they are heavier. For those who want quality over quantity you can always get what you want when you pick and mix.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Buy A Jar Of Retro Sweets From We Luv Sweets

There are many reasons to give somebody retro sweets as a gift. It will give them a chance to savour some of the best retro sweets from when they were a child. Buy a jar of retro sweets from We Luv Sweets and get the chance to gift sweets that were enjoyed decades ago. For memories sake a jar of retro sweets will be a great way to bond with your high school buddies several years after you graduated. I’m sure your parents will greatly appreciate a jar of retro sweets since it will bring back so many great memories.

Jars of sweets are not only to be bought as gifts; Buy a jar of retro sweets from We Luv Sweets for yourself and take a walk down memory lane every time you bite into your favourite treats. Do you remember those days when queuing at a local candy shop was a daily experience? When you could not make a decision as to the kind of sweets you wanted? Do you remember how understanding the sweet shop owner was when you could not make a decision? How painstakingly you gathered your pocket money every time and spent all of it on sweets?

Having a large variety of retro sweets at home will give you something different to offer your guests so it’s probably a good time to buy a jar of retro sweets from We Luv Sweets. The jar will look great on your shelf or bookcase too.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Buy Hampers Online From We Luv Sweets

In case you have just been invited to a social gathering and you are clueless as to what to take as a present, buy hampers online from We Luv Sweets from wherever in the world you are. You can expect the shipping to be done in a few days and you will have the hamper with you before you can blink.

For the sake of being polite and impressing your host, a hamper is a great way of accomplishing this end. Gifting them with all sorts of sweet goodies will give you a good start with who ever you want to impress. No one can resist sweet treats at a party they are attending and your hamper will get the attention of everyone; no one will resist getting in on the goodies you have brought.

It's a good idea to buy hampers online from We Luv Sweets and take them to a party as a gift, it really does make a great present. People rarely think about gifting sweets and with a combination of some of the best sweets, you will have made a mark with your host.

Buy hampers online from We Luv Sweets and you will find them filled with a vast variety of goodies that get will everybody at the party really excited. Sweets are loved by everybody and you will score big time with some ever poular retro sweets in your hamper. We Luv Sweets, the best online sweets shop sells these hampers cheaply and you will not be stretching beyond your limits to purchase them online.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Buy Party Bags Online From We Luv Sweets

Kids love big parties and they definitely love impressing their friends with their creativity and the goodies they are going to have at their parties. So, if you want some great mementos for guests to take away from your kids’ parties to remember the party with, party bags will be a great way to package going home sweets. This is just one of the ways of using party bags as you can also package the presents of sweets you want your child to enjoy at the party. In case you are attending any kids party; you can give a party bag as a gift.

Buy party bags online from We Luv Sweets and benefit from one of the largest range of party bags from an online sweets shop.  One of the many conveniences of buying sweets online is being able to get them delivered right ao your doorstep in a few days. So, if you are looking to buy party bags online from We Luv Sweets for your kids party, you need to look at the collection of party bags available from We Luv Sweets.

Buy party bags online from We Luv Sweets as there is a large collection of party bags for the party girls or boys. Whatever the tastes of the kids, you have options of Animal sweets, boys sweets, girls sweets, retro sweets and sour sweets party bags all at £1.79 except the sour party bag which is a little bit more expensive.

The animal party bag is aptly themed, with Crocodiles, Baby Dolphins, Jelly Snakes and Scorpions among others. These animal themed goodies will get the attention of any child. As for the girls’ party bags, they have sweets like Mini Strawberry Pencils, Candy Necklaces, Mushrooms, Love Hearts, Heart Throbs & Juicy Lips. Boys’ party bags have sweets like Sour Blue Raspberry Bon Bons, New Refreshers, Mini Me, Baby Dolphins, Fizzy Bubble Bottles and Chocolate Sports Balls.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I Could Eat A Whole Jar Of Sweets

The whole world loves sweets and I bet the reason why you are reading this article is because you love sweets too. Another thing we have in common is that we all love different varieties of sweets. There is no one with just one particular favourite; while I could eat a whole jar of sweets, I would certainly hope they are not all hard boiled! This is one of the main reasons we have sweet jars, so that you can have all the kinds of sweets you want in the same jar at a cheaper price. You can pick different types of sweets for your family or for who ever you are gifting and make them enjoy a whole jar of sweet treats. Buying jars of sweets is more convenient if you are going to gift someone at a wedding reception or at a party.

It's a fact that give half a chance I could eat a whole jar of sweets; but I would prefer they came in a candy jar. I could eat a whole jar of sweets but I prefer the jar to have some aesthetic value in my home too. Due to the aesthetic value of a candy jar in a home, there is a huge demand for sweets and candies in jars. They can be used for any function and still improve the aesthetic value especially when they are used as centerpieces. You can have sweets in a jar for many reasons, one of them being preventing your children from over-filling themselves with sugar. They are differently shaped, some are circular and some are tube shaped and long.

Have you ever thought of filling a jar with your favourite sweets? No doubt people still love the sweets they loved when they were kids and having them in the candy jar will just add more value. It will be a great idea to have nostalgic sweets in your jar, especially those that will be enjoyed by everyone who comes to your home. If you want to mix gobstoppers, space dust, Wham bars, Hershey’s, shrimps and porky pigs in your candy jar you are going to achieve the end you want; of having an attractive centerpiece for your home.